Bay Area Parenting

We’ve been here in the Bay Area for almost a year and there are some thing that are so different from the Midwest especially when it comes to parenting and eduction. I’m starting to realize there is a lot of competition among parents here when it comes to their children’s education. Molly is not even one and a half and I’ve already heard comments about how we should be looking at preschools and how we should be on waiting lists for the top preschools and some people were shocked that I have no plans to put Molly in preschool next year (seriously she won’t even be two) and possibly not even the next year (because she would then have three years of preschool). Back in St. Louis I don’t think any of my friends would have thought twice that I’m not looking at preschools. It’s a weird reality check, trying to stay true to who you are as a parent but also looking at the reality of the culture that you are living in. For me I feel like it’s more important to stay true to our family and our values and not get caught up in what’s around me. Right now our plan is to go back to Little Wonders (Molly weekly parent child play group) next year and look at possible activities in our new community of Pacifica. It can be hard though thinking that your ideas are wrong since they are different then the norm and you keep hearing the exact opposite of what you think is true but I’m really trying to remember what’s right for us.

Running Once Again

I recently started training for my next half marathon. I’m excited to take this challenge once again. Almost immediately following my race in San Jose I got an email from the Rock and Roll race people about the San Francisco race. I hesitated to sign up but when I saw the course I was sold. It looks like a beautiful race and the halfway point is literally the Golden Gate Bridge. I have been wanting the run the bridge but it’s just not easy to get over there and park just to run it so I thought here’s my chance to get on the bridge.

I’m taking a different approach to training this time. I’m following the Nike Half Marathon plan which is about three runs a week and three workouts with the Nike training app. So far it’s going good I either run with Molly or after she’s gone to bed on the treadmill and I do the workouts either during nap time or after she’s gone to bed. I definitely could have trained harder and better for my first race so I’m excited to take a little different approach and see how that effects me on race day. I’ll keep you posted.

Looking Back at 2013

It’s crazy to me that once again the holidays are over and we are starting another year. 2013 had some highs and some lows but overall I wouldn’t change a thing. So here’s my quick recap of the best and worst moments of the year.


Moving to California

Taking a Vegas vacation with Mike

Running the Peachtree Road Race

Taking Molly to my grandparents farm

Running in the San Jose half marathon

Molly’s first birthday and party with Hayden

All of Molly’s wonderful firsts: crawling, talking, eating solid food, hugs and kisses well you get the idea

Celebrating 5 years of marriage

Selling our MO house


Saying goodbye to our MO friends and family

Miles 11 and 12 of the half marathon

Starting over in a brand new place

Taking a huge loss on the sale of our home

Sleep training Molly

Living in an apartment

It’s been crazy ride and I wouldn’t trade any of them or who I got to spend them with. I am so fortunate.

Molly – 15 Months

It’s been awhile since I did an update on Molly. Since turning one her growth and development has slowed down so monthly updates seem a little silly, but she has done some really cool things lately so an update seemed appropriate.

  • Molly is officially walking….she was a little late with this but in the past week or so she has really figured it out and is a walker. She will still crawl and walk with assistance but she can and will walk on her own
  • She has lots of new words. She will say mama, mommy, daddy, kitty, bye-bye, hi, and go and she will sign more, milk, eat, drink, and please. It’s pretty cool to be able to actually communicate with her.
  • At her 15 month check up she weighed 24lbs 13 ounces and is 31 inches long. She continues to be in the 70-75th percentile for height and weight.
  • She wears mostly 18 month clothes, but can fit into some 12 month stuff and I’ve put some 24/2T stuff on her it is definitely big but still wearable.
  • Molly was super fun at Christmas this year, she really understood what opening presents was all about and had a lot of fun unwrapping her gifts (and mama and daddy’s gifts too). She was actually more interested in the gift than the paper and boxes which was cool. I didn’t expect that.
  • She has really grown in her play skills. She will play with her baby doll giving it it’s pacifier and bottle, and holding and rocking it. She loves to dance and listen to music. And when she’s grumpy singing a song will almost always cheer her up. Books have been and continue to be a favorite toy.
  • She is sleeping about 10-11 hours at night and takes two naps a day.

It amazes me daily what she does and how she is growing into such a little person. Every day she does something that is so funny or sweet. I love that I get to be her mom and share all this fun with her.

Google+ Slideshow

Google put together some really cute slideshows of Mike’s and my photos that we had on Google Plus.

My Slideshow:

Mike’s Slideshow:


Water for Mothers is a favorite blog of mine. I’ve been reading and following Nisha’s story since before her daughter Alice was born and recently she finished a year long photo challenge. A year of taking and posting a photo every day of her daughter. I decided that this would be a fun challenge that I would also like to take on. Now that Molly is more of a toddler and busy all day I am no longer taking pictures of her and I would always scrutinize those pictures that I would post. So starting yesterday I’m posting a picture a day of Molly with the tag #365daysofmolly on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram with the username robinflynn. Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoy taking them.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mike, Molly and I spent the week if Thanksgiving on Isle of the Palms, SC with Mike’s extended family. We had such a good time. The nights were pretty rough Molly continues to struggle to sleep in the pack and play in mama and daddy’s room but the days were a lot of fun. Molly got to spend some time on the beach which she loved and we all got to hang out with all the Flynn aunts, uncles, and cousins. We also got to meet baby Lucy who was born almost exactly a year after Molly. It was fun to remember where we were a year ago and see just how much Molly has grown this past year. After a week on the beach Mike headed back to CA to get back to work while Molly and I spent some time in Atlanta with Erin, Chris and Hayden. We had pretty crappy weather but we didn’t take Molly and Hayden to see Santa which they hated. We felt pretty bad for laughing at their terror but it was so cute.

We are all back in CA for a couple of weeks and then it’s off to MO for a quick trip to celebrate Christmas with my family and visit some St Louis friends.

It’s a busy holiday season but we sure do enjoy getting to spend time with our families.

Here’s some pics of Molly enjoying the beach (it was a little chilly out but she didn’t care)











Half Marathon

Everything has been pretty good here busy as always. But I wanted to finally write up my first half marathon experience.

When I was pregnant with Molly and had to really cut back from running I decided that after she was born I wanted to train for a half marathon with a goal of running it around Molly’s first birthday. So back in May I signed up for the rock and roll half in San Jose. I spent the next 16 or so weeks training and then on October 6th it was race day. My sister Erin and Hayden came into town for the race, which was so awesome. Definitely made it a special day.

So first thing Sunday morning we all piled in the car and headed to San Jose. The official start was at 8:00am I was a ways back in my wave so I started around 8:30am. There were about 12,000 runners it’s always fun to be part of a huge group. Mike, Erin and the kiddos were on the sideline after the start line it was so cool to have them there cheering me on. I was off to a good start. I hit the 5K mark in about 39 minutes and my cheering squad was around the 4 mile mark. I was feeling good running a good pace and super energized after hearing the “go mommy’s”. The next three miles went really good. Around mile 8 I started slowing down, I was in the sun and it was starting to warm up, but I was plugging along enjoying the run. Then I hit miles 10 and 11 and then I really hit a wall. I felt so close to the end but it was still so far away. But I kept running I think I looked at my watch about a thousand times in those two miles to see how far I had gotten. And then finally I saw Erin and Hayden and then Mike and Molly; as soon as I saw them I started crying I was so happy that I was at the end I had actually done it. I remember thinking I need to stop crying and breath the last thing I wanted to happen was to pass out just a few feet from the finish line. And then 2 hours and 53 minutes after I started I crossed the finish line. My goal was just to finish without stopping and walking and I accomplished that goal. But I’m running another half in April and I will be working towards a better time. It was amazing I’m so happy that I was able to make my goal happen.

Molly’s First Year

Here’s the video I made for Molly’s first year. Just a heads up its a little long (almost 12 minutes) but trying to show a years worth of life is hard to do quickly. But I hope you enjoy it. It was a lot of fun to go back and see how much she has grown.