And Baby Makes Four

Mike, Molly and I are all very excited to be expecting a new baby in early July this year. It’s funny just how different pregnancy is the second time around, not only do I have my little side kick at all my doctor appointments, but not nearly as much time has been spent thinking about this little one. Life with a two year old is much busier than when I was pregnant with Molly and wasn’t working. We aren’t 100% sure but are thinking this little one is a boy (we have our big gender ultrasound in about three weeks) and as the weeks go on I’m more convinced that this is a little boy. This pregnancy feels very different than Molly’s, sometimes I think it’s because being pregnant with a toddler is so different than not and really yes that is different but I’m still feeling different. ¬†I’m currently 16 weeks and here’s some of the biggest ¬†differences I’ve noticed so far.

With Molly I had morning sickness/nausea but it was pretty tolerable and I could always find something to eat and would feel better. This time around I have felt much sicker and have truly struggled to find things to eat which always makes me feel worse.

With Molly I had a very few cravings and food aversions. This time I have had very strong cravings and when something tastes good is tastes so good, but when it doesn’t it really tastes awful. Mike has been keeping track of somethings that seem to always taste good so when I get stuck and can’t find anything to eat he has some suggestions.

With Molly I was able to sleep comfortably until my third trimester and then by then I was just too big to be comfortable sleeping. This time I have already for weeks but having a hard time sleeping. I toss and turn (I’m a belly sleeper and while I’m not showing a lot it is already uncomfortable on my stomach) get hot and then cold and wake up to every little disturbance.

With Molly I didn’t really notice much of a change with my emotions and patience. This time (and probably since I’m living with a two year old) I feel a lot less patient and just more on edge.

Mike has joked that this time I got very pregnant quickly and a lot of the things that didn’t bother me with Molly until well into the last trimester I’m already bothered with and barely in the second trimester. I’m sure we will all be very ready for this little one to make his (or her) debut.