Happy 6th Anniversary!!

April 25th was Mike and mine 6th wedding anniversary. I love our anniversary we always seem to spend a little time looking back and seeing where we’ve been and what got us to where we are now. Six years ago things were so very different Mike was working at Bonneville Radio Group, I was working at United Services Early Childhood Center and working on my Masters in Counseling. We were living in an apartment in the Central West End in St. Louis. Cut to today we have moved into our home in St. Louis, spent an extended period of time in Israel, had a baby girl, and now are living in CA. It’s been a crazy six years and I never could have imagined that the road would have brought us here but I’m happy that it has. Since I didn’t have this blog six years ago I decided it would be a fun time to tell our wedding story and share some beautiful pictures of that day.

I think to properly start talking about our wedding you first have to hear our engagement story which is really less engagement story and more a little glimpse into Mike and mine’s relationship…..so way back in 2007 Mike and I were hanging out at his apartment eating dinner and watching LOST which was a pretty typical Thursday evening for us. During one of the commercial breaks Mike very casually said “You know I think next April would be a good time for a wedding” and I was like “Um okay” and then I sat and thought “is that it did he just propose?” well I guess he did because a couple of weeks later we went ring shopping and then we started planning our April wedding.

We decided to get married at the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. They are absolutely beautiful and in April the tulips were just at their peak the only real downside is it would be an outdoor wedding and St. Louis weather can be pretty unpredictable. Of course as soon as I could start checking the weather for our wedding day (a Friday night April 25th) I did and of course they predicted rain…but it was a slim chance. As the week went on the chances for rain kept increasing, and people kept telling me how it was lucky to have rain on your wedding day but I’m still convinced that was just something to tell sad brides on their rainy wedding day. But regardless of the weather we were getting married on that day. We had an amazing rehearsal dinner at Rigazzi’s in St. Louis’s hill neighborhood and introduced the out of town guests to a magnificent St. Louis delicacy toasted ravioli. And honestly before I knew it it was my wedding day. I bought a super cute umbrella to again try to make the rain not a bad thing but I was seriously nervous that our pictures wouldn’t happen in the gardens like we had been planning or that our ceremony by the Japanese gardens would also get moved inside. There were some sprinkles when my sisters and I were getting our hair fixed but the rain stayed away. Soon it was time to get to the gardens I was still worried about the weather but so excited to finally see Mike and really start our wedding celebration. Will Jackson¬†was our amazing photographer and he took us around the gardens for our photos. He even got a shot of my sisters and now brother in law following us with like 10 umbrellas in case of a sudden storm (which was a serious possibility) but somehow we managed to get all the pictures in and we didn’t get wet. It was about thirty minutes before the wedding was supposed to start and the threat of rain and storms was becoming very real. The very nice wedding girls from the botanical gardens were looking at me asking what we should do….I had no answer I wanted the outdoor wedding that we planned, but really didn’t want to get rained on. We realized that since the majority of our guests were family members and they were already there for pictures we decided to start the ceremony a little early and the pastor officiating our ceremony took our some of his flair to shorten the wedding to pretty much the bare bones. This meant unfortunately some friends who were stuck in rush hour or were running late missed the ceremony completely but really we didn’t know what else to do. l

So with thunder rumbling in the background, rush hour traffic helicopters over head, and some pretty strong winds….Mike and I were married outside by the Japanese gardens like we had always planned. We all quickly walked back to the main building of the gardens for our reception and it was suddenly very clear that we made the right decision to not wait because not but 10 or so minutes after we all made it safely inside it started pouring outside. Not just a little sprinkle or a little rain but that kind of downpour that comes from all sides and soaks you in a matter of seconds. But it didn’t matter we were inside enjoying our guests and party. After our photographer admitted that he was extremely happy the rain held off because he had a plan in case of bad weather but admitted the pictures would not have been nearly as good. Thankfully he saved that little tidbit of information until after, he knows what not to tell a bride.

It was an amazing day we were so fortunate to have the wedding we planned, but also because we were able to celebrate with so many of our friends and family. It is a day I will never forget.