Molly – Loves and Hates

Molly is getting older and much more opinionated which is awesome but just a tad frustrating. I thought it would be nice to write some of these things down to remember later. So first up some things that Molly just LOVES

  1. Elmo – we got her a little stuffed Elmo that she sleeps with it and goes most places with her

  2. Sesame Street – if I would let her Molly would watch this all day every day.

  3. Reading books – she likes reading with Mike and me and also by herself. Her favorite books right now are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and her Batman and Superman board books.

  4. Crackers – if she asks for a snack she also asks for crackers

  5. Taking a bath – best part of her bedtime routine.

  6. Coloring – this is pretty new but she really loves coloring with her markers

  7. Playing outside – now that we have a backyard we spend a lot of time out there

And now somethings Molly absolutely HATES

  1. Drinking milk – Molly stopped nursing about a month ago and I’ve been giving her cows milk for months and she turns her head and pushes away the cup every single time

  2. Getting her diaper changed/getting dressed – makes getting ready in the morning super fun

  3. Getting in the car seat – once she’s in there it’s okay but the process is painful

  4. Getting carried or riding in a stroller – the girl can walk and she want to

  5. Not being able to tell me what she wants – she has so much language but not enough sometimes and boy can she get frustrated