Knowing That it’s Right

Just over a year ago when Mike and I were deciding if a move to CA was the right thing, and we pretty much knew right away that our answer would be yes, but anytime you are making such a big move there will be questions and some hesitation. This first year here has been amazing, there have been a lot of challenges but there is no doubt in my mind we made the right decision. While we were living in our apartment in Millbrae it never felt right, never felt like home, we just couldn’t really settle in there, but after being in the house on the coast for just over a month we are already feeling more and more like this is the community for us. Our afternoons outside in the backyard, our days at the beach, and the look on Molly’s face when we head outside I know that we made the right decision. She is teething and fussy but I can still see that she has never been happier.

I try not to compare what our life would have been if we would have stayed in St. Louis but there is one thing I’m certain of we would not be this relaxed or at ease. We were getting increasingly unhappy with our house in the city. The amount of crimes were going up and up and getting closer and closer to our house. Not the type of situation you want to be in with a new baby. We loved our house and we loved living in the city but it was time to leave and making this move forced us to take the loss and walk away which was absolutely the right decision.

It’s hard to leave friends and family but when we are walking on the beach and Molly is smiling from ear to ear I know in my heart that even though it is hard sometimes it was the right thing to do.