I thought that I would be able to let Molly self wean from breast feeding and to an extent she did. We got down to nursing first thing in the morning, before each of her naps, and then before bed, and we just kind of got stuck there. Mike and I are planning a trip for the two of us in May and I really didn’t want to have to bring the pump. So I decided to start weaning Molly so we could slowly cut out all nursing sessions. We started a couple of weeks ago and I cut out nursing before her second nap and jut yesterday we dropped nursing before her first nap. I’m thankful that so far it seems to be going good. Molly is still going down for naps and doesn’t seem to miss nursing. Hopefully that continues once we cut out the morning and then nighttime sessions. She seems more dependent on them so fingers crossed it keeps going smooth but we’ve got plenty of time so if she needs a extra week or two it should be okay.