Half Marathon

Everything has been pretty good here busy as always. But I wanted to finally write up my first half marathon experience.

When I was pregnant with Molly and had to really cut back from running I decided that after she was born I wanted to train for a half marathon with a goal of running it around Molly’s first birthday. So back in May I signed up for the rock and roll half in San Jose. I spent the next 16 or so weeks training and then on October 6th it was race day. My sister Erin and Hayden came into town for the race, which was so awesome. Definitely made it a special day.

So first thing Sunday morning we all piled in the car and headed to San Jose. The official start was at 8:00am I was a ways back in my wave so I started around 8:30am. There were about 12,000 runners it’s always fun to be part of a huge group. Mike, Erin and the kiddos were on the sideline after the start line it was so cool to have them there cheering me on. I was off to a good start. I hit the 5K mark in about 39 minutes and my cheering squad was around the 4 mile mark. I was feeling good running a good pace and super energized after hearing the “go mommy’s”. The next three miles went really good. Around mile 8 I started slowing down, I was in the sun and it was starting to warm up, but I was plugging along enjoying the run. Then I hit miles 10 and 11 and then I really hit a wall. I felt so close to the end but it was still so far away. But I kept running I think I looked at my watch about a thousand times in those two miles to see how far I had gotten. And then finally I saw Erin and Hayden and then Mike and Molly; as soon as I saw them I started crying I was so happy that I was at the end I had actually done it. I remember thinking I need to stop crying and breath the last thing I wanted to happen was to pass out just a few feet from the finish line. And then 2 hours and 53 minutes after I started I crossed the finish line. My goal was just to finish without stopping and walking and I accomplished that goal. But I’m running another half in April and I will be working towards a better time. It was amazing I’m so happy that I was able to make my goal happen.