A Birthday Party for Two Babies

Mike, Molly and I went back to MO over Labor Day weekend for a long visit and a birthday party for Molly and Hayden. It was a fantastic visit we spent a few days in St. Louis before going to Cuba for the weekend and then had a few more days in St. Louis before flying back to CA. The party was just great lots of our friends and family were able to come to my parents house to help us celebrate. Molly was a little overwhelmed by all the people and ended up sleeping on Mike for about half the party. But woke up in time for cake and presents. Molly and Hayden had a fun time playing together and I’m pretty sure Mom and John loved having a full house. We had such a great visit but we were all ready to come home. Abby (our cat) was so happy we were back and I’m so happy that Molly is sleeping through the night again. Here’s some pics from the visit.