11 Months

Only one more month until Molly’s birthday!! Both Mike and I are getting so excited to celebrate her first birthday. We had an early birthday party with my nephew Hayden but more on that in a later post.

This month has brought huge growth and changes with Molly. The biggest is that she is mobile and officially crawling. She will still sit and be content with her books and toys but if she wants something or want to explore something she will go after it. It was pretty crazy she went from not even army crawling to full on movement in one day. It’s so fun when she crawls over to you. But it is much harder to do stuff during the day, gone are the days when I can leave Molly on the floor.

She has started pulling up on stuff we are thinking that she will be walking soon.

She is comfortably wearing 12 month clothes, I have put her in her 9 month stuff but it is definitely getting a little tight and her 18 month stuff is a little big but sometimes we wear it any way.

Still no teeth but we can see the buds under her gums so thinking it could be soon.

She continues to love food and is pretty adventurous with her choices. Mike is really hopeful that that continues and she doesn’t all of a sudden becomes a picky eater.

Molly can work her sippy cup and likes to drink her water.

She will go back to the doctor after her birthday so we will get a height and weight check then. I’m kind of anxious to see how much she’s grown.

She’s doing really good and we are loving each and every moment watching her grow and learn.