9 Months Old

Molly is nine months old already. Kind of hard to believe. We are having a blast as her personality continues to grow. She had here 9 month well baby visit and weighs 19lbs 13 oz (75th percentile) and is 28 inches long (70th percentile) so she continues to grow right on track. Still no teeth but she absolutely loves food some fun stuff she’s had lately apple slices, cucumber, garlic chicken sausage, pancakes, mango, green beans. She is pretty adventurous when it comes to food and will “eat” just about anything. There’s definitely stuff she prefers and she will really only eat if she can feed herself but she’s doing good. She loves playing on the floor with her books and toys and since she isn’t crawling yet I can leave her there while I cook, clean and basically just deal with stuff. Which is very nice I know I will miss these days once she starts moving around. She is wearing mostly 9 month clothes but will fit into some 6 month stuff and is also wearing some 12 month stuff so lots of options for getting dressed each day. She has started clapping her hands and sometimes it looks like she is waving. We still hear lots of “mamas” sometimes it’s because she wants me and other times she just wants something. We’ve heard a few “dada’s” and often she will whisper them which is pretty funny. She is a very happy baby, we are very blessed.