8 Months Old

So some fun stuff from this past month…

-Molly will say “Mama” and “Dada” to me and Mike when she wants us. Pretty dang cute.

-She continues to experiment with solid food. We gave up on puréed baby food so she gets chunks of stuff she can hold on to. Some favorites are strawberries and any veggie stick with hummus.

-She is wearing 9 month clothes but can still fit her 6 month stuff it’s just a little short in the arms.

-Still no teeth and no crawling/scooting and no standing/pulling herself up. She will lunge forward when sitting for a toy but if she can’t get it she usually gives up for something closer. She also figured if said toy is on a blanket she can pull the blanket to get it. Pretty smart.

-Sleep is pretty much the same still getting up once at night to eat. Since traveling about a week ago she has been struggling a little to get back to sleep after that feeding, but I’m hopeful that in the next week that will continue to improve.

-Molly likes to read books with me and Mike and she especially likes the peek-a-boo books.

Her next well baby doctor visit will be later this month so we will know her height and weight then.