Las Vegas

Mike and I took a much needed vacation to Vegas at the end of April. It was five days of amazing!! We stayed at the Belliago which is our favorite they have beautiful gardens and flowers and the pool is fantastic absolutely beautiful. My mom came to San Francisco to stay with Molly which was awesome I was so nervous leaving her but once we were on the plane it was fantastic. I love Molly more than anything but being just with Mike with no Molly on the brain was incredible.

We got in Saturday night and hung out at the casino. Sunday we ate at some of our favorite places. Monday I got a pedicure and we had a fancy night. We got dressed up and had dinner at Todd English’s restaurant Olives. It was so yummy highly recommend it. Tuesday we spent a lot of time at the pool and found a secret pizza spot. Wednesday was our last night in Vegas so we wanted to get dressed up one more time. We found an Asian fusion restaurant in the Encore and it did not disappoint. And we spent the rest of the night playing our favorite penny slot “Catch the Big One” not sure if that is actually called we always called it Go Fish. Mike had a “big” win of almost $40 so we ended it on a nice high note. Thursday we had a little time to kill before having to go to the airport so we checked out the Andy Warhol art exhibit. Pretty cool to check out some of his work. And before we knew it it was time to come home. We were definitely ready to get home to Molly but not ready to get back to reality. It was such a great trip I’m so happy that we were able to spend that time together such a fun trip!!