7 Months

Well geez things have been busy here so this is quite late. But Mike and I took an amazing vacation and our little Molly turned 7 months old. Nothing too crazy has happened in baby development land….here’s some highlights

– Molly sits up unassisted for pretty long periods of time

– She hates puréed food but likes to munch on veggie sticks, fruit in the mesh feeder, and hummus

– Molly has one middle of the night feeding but will sleep from about 7:30pm to 6:30 or 7am. Not too shabby.

– She did amazing taking the bottle from my mom while we were gone.

– She is getting more vocal and loves to see herself on FaceTime.

– She loves bath time and is pretty funny playing in the water.

– Molly is wearing 6-9 month clothes

-She is loving “reading” her books and we started going to story time at the library.

So that’s some of the fun stuff….only about one more week or so and she will be an 8 month old.