Travel Back to MO

A few weeks ago Molly and I made our first (of I’m sure many) trips back to MO to visit family and friends. The trip was really about going to South Dakota to visit extended family. Every year my mom and sisters and I go to the farm where my mom grew up. We get to see my grandma, uncles, aunts, great aunts, and cousins. This year we traveled with two little babies and had so much fun. The trip started out with Erin and me running in the Race to the Rocker in Cuba. As soon as we finished we got ready to drive to the farm. We weren’t planning on leaving so quickly after the race but a huge winter snow storm was coming so we needed to get in front of it. It added a little drama for the day but we got through the weather without incident and made it to my uncles. We spent about four days in SD and had a blast. Molly and I then spent a few nights in St. Louis we got to see our MO friends and spent time with Mike’s parents. Molly was an amazing traveler and other than totally goofing up her sleep schedule she did great.

sorry this is a totally shortened version of this post I started it weeks ago never finished it so here is my totally shortened but finished post