6 Months Old

Molly had her six month well baby visit yesterday, here’s some highlights:

– Molly weighs 17lbs 4oz and is in the 68 percentile for weight and is 26 and 34 inches long and in the 75 percentile for height. She is growing good but seems to have leveled off a little

– Dr. Tan was very pleased with her growth and development. Molly is sitting up on her own, reaching for and grasping toys, babbling more and more. No developmental worries for us.

– Dr. Tan also explained that she will probably start developing more stranger anxiety in the next couple of months. Could make things a little interesting when we go to a Flynn family wedding at the end of May.

– Molly comfortably wears 6 month clothing but can still fit into her 3 month stuff just the arm and leg length is a little short.

– She regressed a little in her sleep (I think because we were traveling for two weeks) but I think we are slowly getting back on track. She still gets up for a feeding in the middle of the night but usually goes back to sleep pretty easily. She is also totally out of the swaddle. She now sleeps in pj’s and a sleep sack.

– We started giving Molly some solid food. She isn’t really into it but we try food every day. So far she has had avocado, yams, sweet potato, carrots, oatmeal and banana. So far she seems to most enjoy yam, sweet potato, and carrot. But today she did eat a few bites of banana. Molly seems to enjoy when we give her large chunks of food that she can hold and play with. At a restaurant I gave her hunks of bread to “eat” and she was entertained most if the meal. We will continue trying different fruits and vegetables both puréed and in chunks.

– She once again was a great traveler. I will put up an entire post about our trip.

I can’t believe she is already six months old. She is getting funnier and funnier each day and showing more of her personality. We are so looking forward to all her changes in the next six months.