Finding a Quiet Moment to Check In

Sorry I’ve been so quiet the past week or so to say it has been a little crazy is an understatement I’ll do my best to recap all that has happened.

  1. A week ago Molly and I jumped on our plane and flew to San Francisco to start our next chapter. Travel day went well Molly was such a trooper and slept during most of the flights. It definitely made things a lot easier on me to have a sleeping baby and not a screaming baby. It was a long day since we had an early morning flight out of St Louis but that was better than traveling in the afternoon or evening when Molly is a little on edge anyway.

  2. We got here on Monday but our furniture didn’t arrive until Friday so that was rough. Sleeping on an air mattress trying to nurse and rock Molly in a deck chair hanging out on an air mattress during the day pretty much sucked but we are much happier now that we have our furniture.

  3. We have kind of a perfect storm of sleep issues right now. Molly is adjusting to the time zone, she is having teething pain, she has a stuffy nose and cough, and is getting adjusted to her new room and space. I think she is doing pretty good considering but we have had some rough middle of nights. Those 4am struggles are pretty rough but we are getting through it. I think we will need to start some real sleep training in the next couple of weeks. I think Molly needs a little more time to adjust to the Pacific time zone.

  4. My mom was able to come out over the weekend to help us get settled in. It was a huge help to get so many boxes sorted and put away. We still have work to do but we can at least live in our new space. We were also able to take a trip to Ikea while my mom watched Molly. It was a fun little date and we got a desk for Mike.

  5. Every little thing is an adjustment and I know it’ll take some time before Millbrae feels like home but with each day and each adventure we get closer to that point.

So I think that’s pretty much it. We are getting there but I’m very happy we made this choice to at least try something so different and new.