It is getting very real that I am no longer living in St. Louis. My parents came over yesterday and helped with some last minute sorting and clearing. It is extremely overwhelming to sort through four years of stuff knowing it will not all go in the new apartment, but we are getting there. Today Molly and I having brunch with a good friend and then doing some final packing and sorting if possible. Then first thing tomorrow morning movers are coming to pack up the house and then Tuesday they are putting everything on the truck and taking it to California. Super crazy. Up until now this has just felt like an idea or a dream but it is really happening and it’s happening fast.

Mike and Abby are on there epic road trip. They took off on Friday and driving about 8 hours a day and will get to the apartment on Monday. Mike said that Abby is doing great in the car and the hotels which is a huge relief. Luckily she is a pretty adaptable cat. So so far so good hopefully these next steps go just as well. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. I’m sure there will be hiccups but if we can keep them to a minimum it will be great.