It’s been a busy couple of days/week

So life continues to be great but always busy, I really don’t understand how the days go by so quickly. Mom and John were able to come up and help us paint Michael’s office, the guest room, sand the new furniture, and plant some stuff in the front yard. Thanks so much to both of them for all the help. The rooms look wonderful!!! Easter weekend was quite the blur, it started on Friday when I drove out to Chesterfield to visit my friend Carrie and new baby Ellison (who is adorable in case you were wondering) Saturday was iPad launch day so I spent 10 hours at Apple talking about and demoing the new iPad. Then it was off to Cuba for Easter morning with my parents and then Sunday it was back to St. Louis for Flynn Easter and then back home. It was an amazing weekend just really busy. Hopefully next weekend Michael will be able to work on staining the new table. We are just absolutely loving the warmer weather and Abby is thrilled that the windows are open and she can look at the birds all day.