Molly’s Birth Story

I was thinking that I never posted Molly’s birth story so I thought I would share.

It all kind of started at my doctor’s appointment at 36 weeks. Dr Rempe measured my belly and noticed it was suddenly measuring a little large so she ordered an ultrasound for the next week. She didn’t think too much of it and figured that Molly was just laying funny causing my belly to bulge. The next week we went to the ultrasound and learned that Molly’s belly was measuring a bit big and suddenly my doctor was concerned about her getting stuck in the birth canal. At that she was like it would be great if you went into labor this weekend, but if not I’ll see you in a week. The weekend came and went I had a lot of contractions but nothing that ever amounted to anything. So I went to my 38 week appointment, I progressed some and was a little more dilated (around 3 or 4cm) and baby had moved down some more, Dr Rempe and that point said “do we want to schedule an induction?” I quickly said yes. I had really wanted to go into labor naturally and have an unmedicated birth but I was getting so worried about her size and really scared about having a c-section. So we (me, mike and the doc) decided getting induced and getting her out would be the best and not let her get any bigger.

Our induction was scheduled at 10:00pm on Sunday September 23rd. It was a very surreal weekend knowing in a few days we would be bringing our daughter home. Saturday night we went out for one last pre-baby date and Sunday we both tried to finish up last minute cleaning and packing for the hospital. Finally it was time to head to the hospital. We got all checked in and in our room by 10:30pm or so. The nurse started my pitocin and we settled in for the night. Mike took this time to finally watch the “Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD while I attempted to get some sleep. The contractions were definitely happening but I was able to sleep some. I decided when I couldn’t sleep through the contractions anymore I would call my doula and have her meet us. Around 5am I couldn’t rest during or between the contractions but they weren’t too intense or painful but I called Alicia and told her not to hurry but to go ahead and get to the hospital. She got there around 6am and then around 8am the doctor broke my water. That’s when the contractions really picked up in frequency and intensity. I labored mostly on the birth ball while Alicia and Mike applied pressure to my low back. Molly was sitting a little funny which was causing me some serious back labor. I remember having Mike play my labor playlist and then a Ben Lee pandora station. One nurse even commented on our good music choice which I thought was kind of funny. The contraction monitor wasn’t really picking up my contractions they were coming very frequently without any real break in between contractions and the monitors didn’t show that at all. Because I was on pitocin I had to be constantly on the monitor so that the nurses could see the baby’s heart rate. This made it a little tricky to be out of bed but I continued to sit on the birthing ball, sit/lay on my hands and knees in bed and occasionally lay on my side in bed. By around 3pm the pain (and no break in the contractions) was getting too intense for me and I asked about doing something for the pain. My doula suggested that I get in the shower but the nurse needed to check my progress to make sure I was dilated enough to get in the water (if you are still in early labor getting in the water can slow labor down). When the nurse checked me I was about 4cm which was the same as when I walked in the door. I was extremely discouraged I had been laboring hard since about 8 in the morning and had made no progress. I was also again getting scared that they were going to say I needed a c-section since I wasn’t progressing. At that point I knew I couldn’t continue without some pain medicine. The nurse came in to talk to us about it and said that my doctor recommended getting an epidural. I remember laying in the bed having contractions as the nurse talked and talked about why an epidural was the best choice and all I could think was could you just shut up and order the damn thing. I’m sure it really wasn’t that long but in my mind she was talking forever. The epidural was ordered and the doctor was there soon after to put it in. Mike came over and was holding my hand, they let him watch the procedure as long as he was seated which was kind of funny. So he held my hand while peaking at what the doctor was doing, apparently it was pretty cool.

About thirty minutes after the epidural was in the nurse checked me again around 4:30pm and I was already 5cm. That was encouraging. So we spent some time resting and taking a little bit of a break from the intenseness of the morning. My doctor came in to check on me around 5pm or so and I was worried that she was done with work for the day and wouldn’t be the one to deliver my baby. She said that she was going to hang out for a few hours and see if I would be ready to deliver soon. I was extremely happy that she was sticking around for us. Around 8pm the nurse checked my progress and I was 9 almost 10cm. I couldn’t believe that after all that work in the morning I was finally dilating and it was going fast. At 8:30pm I started pushing. Mike held one leg while my doula held the other, and everyone quickly realized I wouldn’t be pushing long. I had asked that the epidural be turned down so I could feel my legs which also let me feel the sensations needed to know where and how to push. Around 9pm they brought Dr Rempe in the room and everyone said it would be done soon and our baby would be here. I was still in disbelief. Molly’s shoulders did not get stuck but apparently the umbilical cord was wrapped around one of her arms so Dr Rempe had to untangle it before Molly’s body could be delivered. And at 9:16pm on September 24, 2012 Molly Faye was born. It was truly incredible.

She was immediately placed on my chest and I just couldn’t believe it. I remember asking if she was really a girl. Of course she was. I held her for awhile and Mike cut the umbilical cord. The nurses then took her to clean her up and weigh her. Molly was screaming the entire time until the nurses washed her hair. She quieted down but once they were done she was screaming again. They brought her back to me and we had our first chance to nurse. She latched on right away. It was absolutely amazing I couldn’t believe the feeling of feeding my brand new baby. I had some crazy bleeding after the delivery luckily it never got too out of hand and the extra medicine Dr Rempe gave me got the bleeding under control. Unfortunately the medicine and all the fluids they gave me during labor caused my feet to swell like crazy. I really should have taken a picture of them I thought my feet had gotten huge during pregnancy but that was nothing compared to what they were like after she was born. About two weeks after Molly’s birth my feet finally started to deflate.

It definitely was not the birth I had planned in my head but honestly I wouldn’t change any of it. Perfectly imperfect.