Three Months Old (plus like a week)

Once again I’m a little late on my update but to be fair Molly turned three months old on Christmas Eve. And once again my pictures are on the camera but honestly soon I will have lots of fun pictures to share.

So three months old…Molly hasn’t been back to the doctor for an official weigh in but I weighed her at mom’s group and she was over thirteen pounds. That was a few weeks ago so I’m guessing she is pushing fourteen pounds. She is fitting pretty perfectly in three month clothes and quickly outgrowing her 0-3 month stuff. It just amazes me how fast she is growing. Molly has also really woken up these past couple weeks. You can see it in her eyes that she can really see you. She has also found her voice and can often be found practicing her sounds in the morning. You can tell she is really working to make those sounds and is so proud of herself when she does. Another big milestone is Molly has found her hands and fingers. She will find a hand or finger to suck on and stay pretty content for awhile. She is able to keep her pacifier in her mouth better too. She is just starting to get interested in toys. She can’t quite grasp them but she is trying. She keeps her hands in fists mostly; I’m thinking during this next month she will start opening her hands up more. Sleep has gotten a little more inconsistent. Some nights it is a bit of a struggle to get her to stay sleeping with multiple trips back into her room to rock some more. She was down by 9pm and sleeping until 5 or 6am now some nights it’s 9 others its after 10pm. And falling asleep after 10pm doesn’t mean sleeping until 7am she will get up at 3, 4, or 5am. A couple of times Mike has heard her practicing her sounds around 11pm but if he just leaves her she will usually go back to sleep. So it’s kind of a night by night thing but we try to keep our routine and the time we start bedtime the same. Some of the other moms in the moms group with babies the same age as Molly are also having issues with sleep so I’m glad we aren’t alone in our struggles.

That’s all the big stuff I can’t wait to see what this month brings.