So Much To Say

Sorry it’s been so quiet here Mike got back from San Francisco and we’ve been busy having fun with him. So here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

– Molly was such a trooper during all of my Christmas shopping. She continues to love the Moby wrap and our new Boba carrier. It’s so much easier than dragging the car seat around and she is much happier riding along on me.

– Two years ago I bought a remembrance ornament to honor and remember the pregnancy and baby we lost in Aug. 2010. It was pretty cool to remember the little one we lost but also get to celebrate with our beautiful daughter.

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Molly got her first ornament which has an important place on our tree.

– Molly and I did some real traveling together. First we drove to Cuba, MO to spend the weekend with my parents. The drive went well even if I had to pull over and feed Molly in the parking lot of a gas station. She also did a great job sleeping in the pack and play which was so nice. Then we flew to Atlanta to spend some time with Erin and Hayden. Molly did okay on the flights. Getting to Atlanta was pretty good she fussed a little nursed and then slept, but coming home was a bit harder. We got delayed so we spent a lot more time in the airport and Molly is so much more aware now that she won’t just sleep anywhere. So I had an overtired baby on a very crowded flight. She cried a lot but eventually fell asleep. It was a hard day for both of us, but we survived and getting to spend time with Erin and Hayden was so worth it.

– Molly saw Santa for the first time. Pics will be on here eventually.

Overall we’ve been having a great time. It’s been so nice having Mike home I’m definitely bummed that he is leaving again but so excited that in the next couple of months we will all be together in CA.