While Daddy’s Gone

Sunday night Mike took off on a plane for San Francisco so he could start his new job Monday morning. That leaves me, Molly, and Abby here on our own. I’m not going to lie it kind of sucks it really makes my heart go out to all the soldiers’ wives that have to parent on their own for months at a time. It’s not easy but we are doing good. Abby really misses having another lap to sit on in the house; she just looks so sad, but I’m hoping she adjusts soon. Molly is doing well, really she’s pretty happy as long as she’s getting fed every couple hours, but I miss having Mike come home in the evening so I get a little break. But we are making it work, last night I made dinner while holding Molly then I ate sitting on the floor with her in the bouncy seat while I bounced her with my foot. It was quite the sight but you know I got to eat and she was mostly happy. The hardest thing is that with the time difference by the time Mike leaves work it’s after 7pm here which is right when Molly starts getting super fussy and ready for bed, not great for FaceTime we were able to chat for a few minutes last night but I’m hoping we can try maybe a lunch time FaceTime date. Only about a week and a half then Mike will be home for the holidays and we can’t wait!!