So I’m incredibly late writing this post, but I just had a baby so I feel like I get a pass. But my first real night out after Molly was an amazing one….my good friend Barrett and I went and saw Madonna in concert, it was amazing!! We first went to dinner at Sidney Street Cafe. I’ve written about Sidney Street before and it did not disappoint (thankfully we went there before I went off dairy). After that we headed to the show, and were there some crazy people to see. It was nuts!!

We bought some cool concert t’s and got super excited about the show. Madonna didn’t start until late but the show was truly incredible. The dances were awesome and she had a great mix of old and new songs. It was such a great night. It ended a little rough when I got home at 1am to find a very awake baby and a very tired daddy. Molly did not have as much fun that night. But her and Mike survived and hopefully he will be open to me having a night out again soon.