Lunch with Dad

This past Thursday was a gorgeous day here in St. Louis, and it looked like it was going to be the last really beautiful day for awhile, so Molly and I decided to go to Mike’s office and meet him for lunch. Molly was quite the hit with his coworkers (of course) and she did so good at the restaurant. I wore her in the Moby wrap which normally when she’s in the wrap she falls asleep, but not there she was wide awake taking it all in. It was pretty adorable when she would get this confused worried look at then look at me like “where have you taken me mom?”

I’m finding that when we are out and about having her in the Moby is awesome. I don’t have to lug the heavy infant seat or deal with finding elevators or maneuvering the stroller. She is snug and I can use my hands. I’ve got a couple other carriers that I need to try but right now this is working so well. Of course when it’s time to get out of the wrap and back into the car seat Molly is usually less than thrilled but at least then it’s just me in the car dealing with her cries and not an entire restaurant filled with people.