Out and About

Molly and I have been venturing out of the house a little since I’m feeling so much better this week. We met up with my little sister for a walk in Forest Park. It didn’t go great but it was kind of chilly and we had to keep Molly covered up. I think she would have done better if she could see like when we’ve gone on other walks. We also went to a first time moms group at the hospital. It was great getting to talk with new moms and get out of the house for a few hours. I need to practice nursing without my Boppy pillow because Molly started to get hungry and I decided we would just go home. Made for a long drive home when she would cry at every red light. I’m planning on going again this Tuesday but I will be keeping better track of the time. Maybe I will even be brave and nurse her during the group if need be. We also had our first trip to the mall and the Apple Store. We also used the Moby wrap in public for the first time. We met up with my friend Anne and her daughter for coffee and walking around. I brought Molly to Apple to say hi to some old co-workers. Molly again did great just slept in the wrap, but she woke up hungry so once again it was a stressful drive home. But it was great to get out of the house and hang out with friends a little.

Not sure what we will do this week but I’m sure we will try to get out a little again. I feel a lot better when I have real clothes and makeup on. And I think Molly likes it too.