2 Weeks Old

Crazy to think its been two weeks since we had Molly. Some times it feels like she just got here and others it feels like she’s been here for months. Pretty wild couple of weeks. There’s a lot to say so I think bullet points will be best.

– Molly went to the doctor for her two week checkup and she is up to 9lbs 5 oz. Dr was very happy with her weight gain and we can now let her sleep without waking her at night.

– Speaking of nighttime sleep….Molly usually gives us one 5 hour stretch between feedings which means about 4 hours of sleep for mama. We know that this may not last so I’m enjoying every night that it does.

– Just like a lot of people had said breastfeeding wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. We had some struggles the first week, then I got an infection last week, but this week seems better. Fingers crossed we turned a corner and it will be smooth sailing.

– Mike and I left Molly with her Grandma and Grandpa Flynn yesterday for the first time so we could cheer on the Cardinals in Game 2 of the playoffs. As much as I was a little nervous leaving the baby so soon we had a great time. The Cardinals won and we had amazing seats. And it was good for me to have some time away, it was definitely needed.

Molly is an amazing little girl I just can’t hardly believe she’s ours.