38 Weeks

I just realized I never posted about our latest doctors appointment so sorry this is a little late, but better late than never.

So last Wednesday we had the growth ultrasound to check baby’s size since my belly was measuring big. Turns out little girl is getting a little bit too big. Her estimated weight was over 8lbs, now that number isn’t perfect science because they basically take multiple measurements of different body parts and based on those measurements they estimate a weight. Baby was measuring right around 37 or 38 weeks for all her body parts (ie. head circumference, leg and arm bones) expect for her abdomen size, it measured over 41 weeks and when the technician double checked it it measured out of range. So because of this high measurement I think it skewed her overall weight.

But this is still a little bit of an issue, because her belly is bigger proportionally than the rest of her which puts us at risk for shoulder dystocia. Which basically means that her head would be able to be delivered but her shoulders and belly could get stuck putting us at risk for an emergency c-section. So when we were talking to the doctor about all this, Dr. Rempe explained that right now we are okay but she would like to see me deliver sooner vs later but she did not talk about inducing at this time. Basically what I was understanding that right now (or as of last Wednesday) the difference in size was greater than we would want ideally but not so great that it is an issue.

The plan now is to just see what Dr Rempe says at our next appointment on Wednesday if I don’t go into labor before then. I really think I’ll still be pregnant on Wednesday so we will just wait and see. Fingers crossed the size difference doesn’t get so great that we have to have a c section but at the end of the day if that is what becomes necessary than that’s what we will do.