Pregnancy Symptoms I Didn’t Expect

So I’m 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant and definitely ready for this little one to move on out but I was thinking today that there have been a number of things happen to my body and emotions that I didn’t really expect so I thought I would share…

  1. That my feet would swell to the point that I couldn’t comfortably wear my own socks. I have to borrow Mike’s and squeeze into gym shoes when I want to walk.

  2. That my belly would get so big that I couldn’t reach the sink comfortably to do the dishes. I have to stand sideways in front o the sink. Kind of funny.

  3. That it would be a 10 minute event to change what side I’m sleeping on during the night. And even then its a painful event.

  4. That getting your teeth cleaned could be like torture due to pregnancy gingivitis. Had a cleaning today and I have never hated the dentist more, my gums were so swollen and sore. I will go back after the baby comes just to double check that there isnt any lasting damage.

  5. That water can you heartburn.

  6. That I would hate all the attention in public, especially now that I’m so big. I cant go anywhere without strangers making comments and wanting to talk. Not sure why but I do not like the attention.

That’s all I can think of for now. It’s been such a crazy journey but we are so ready for the next one.