Almost 37 Weeks

I’m writing this on my phone so again excuse any weird typos and I’ll probably keep it brief. But just wanted to give you all an update after yesterday’s doctors appointment and meeting with our doula Alicia.

So things are still looking good with baby girl. I gained more weight in these two weeks than I ever have but the doctor didn’t mention it so I’m guessing I’m still good. Pretty hard to see that number even if you know it’s the baby. My belly also measured bigger than it should so she is having us do an ultrasound next week to check on baby’s weight. She is guessing that her weight will be fine and that I measured the way I did because of how she was laying (like she probably had her booty sticking out) and not because she is actually getting too big. But like she said it’s a nice excuse to see her one more time so I’m not complaining. She also checked me for any cervical change and it is actually thinning at this point not a lot we but there is some change which she was very pleased with. And baby’s head is down low, so yay for no breech baby!! It’s definitely still a waiting game but it feels good to know that we are at least moving in the right direction.

We also had our last prenatal visit with our doula Alicia. She will be at the birth with us supporting and she also provides quite a bit of postpartum care. So we talked about what the big day will look like, what to expect in the hospital, and those first few days after birth. It’s getting hard for me to really understand and grasp that our little girl will be here so soon and that we were having our last visit before the birth. Time really does fly.

The nursery is mostly ready, ready enough for sure. I’m excited that my mom will be coming over on Saturday to help me finish up a few projects before baby comes. And then I’m just doing what I can to coax this little one out…..lots of yoga, walking, bouncing on the exercise ball. She’ll be here before we know it.