Almost 28 Weeks

This is getting kind of crazy we are fast approaching 30 weeks….Ahhhh we have so much to do!! Just going to do a quick update since I’m typing this up on my phone….

  1. At the doctors office I was up 10 lbs but according to my scale I’m up 13 so not really sure. Doctor wasn’t concerned about my weight but did encourage a few more snacks throughout the day. My doula also has me doing a three day food journal so I feel like we are definitely on top of it.

  2. Speaking of doctors I now go to the doctor every two weeks instead of four. This is typical practice so nothing to be concerned about. It’s just kind of crazy because I remember during my first appointment when the nurse explained the break down and said at 28 weeks you will be seen every two weeks and then at 36 weeks you are seen every week. Those days seemed very far away, I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.

  3. Our nursery furniture should be arriving next week. Pretty excited to start getting her room together. I’ve got a ton of clothes from my friend and would love to get them put away.

  4. The heat has been a little rough on me and little girl. I’ve had some crazy swollen feet again and just this not feeling good feeling. So I’ve become a bit of a home body staying inside as much as possible. I even passed up good seats at a cardinal game because it’ll just be too hot.

  5. Mike can definitely feel baby girl. He doesn’t feel her that often but really it’s because he isn’t patient enough to sit waiting for a big kick. She is definitely getting stronger.

  6. Speaking of our little one she should be weighing just over two pounds and about 15 inches long from top of her head to her heels. Her eyes are developing more and she is getting better at sensing light. Her brain continues to develop and she is working on gaining some weight. She also is getting some eye lashes on what I’m sure are beautiful eyes.

That’s pretty much it for now. Hopefully we will get a good report again on Monday.