We have a Baby Registry

Update: So my mom told me that the Babies R Us link isn’t taking you directly to our registry. So you will have to search try searching just our last name Flynn and just “R” in the first name or by the registry number 48530699

This was one of those things that I wasn’t exactly avoiding but I just got a little overwhelmed with the idea. My good friend Anne volunteered to go with me to explore the aisles of Babies R Us, but today I decided to just bite the bullet and go. I went by myself since Mike was working and I think that was the best decision. I will want my mom or other trusted mom friend to look over it just to make sure I didn’t overlook anything important. Both registries are available online at babiesrus.com and at cottonbabies.com. You can just search by my name or Mike’s. It’s one of those funny milestones that I didn’t really know I wanted to complete but it really does feel good to be picking out things and looking at the stuff we will need once this little girl arrives.