22/23 Weeks

Sorry I’ve missed the last couple of weeks updates, and honestly there just wasn’t much to say everything has been pretty much the same. Unfortunately this update will be quick too because I’m typing it up on my phone (silly computer was acting crazy).

So what’s new in baby land…..not really much. I officially finished my nanny job and I’m officially a stay at home mom which is pretty exciting. It’s really awesome knowing that my job right now is taking care of me and little one (and Mike of course too). I’ve got a run of the mill doctors appointment tomorrow morning. Typically I’d be very nervous leading up to this appointment but the anxiety has gotten much less since I can feel her movements.

I’m up a few more pounds I’ll get weighed at the doctors so we will see how that goes but I’m thinking I’m up 8-10 lbs from pre-pregnancy.

I actually bought a few things for her….couple of clothing things that were on sale at the Gap, and some cloth diapers that were also on sale. So far everything is just kind of getting piled in her room until we get the furniture and actually put her room together.

It is pretty amazing that we are already over halfway there. Four months to go which seems very close and very far away at the same time. I’m sure looking back the time will fly by. Next big things will be getting things together for Erin’s baby shower that we are having at our house at the end of June. And really we are just enjoying each other and dreaming up what we think our little girl will look like. I think a full head of dark hair like Mike. He isn’t convinced and thinks she will be a little blonde like her mama. Only time will tell.

Well that’s really the big stuff. I promise I’ll have a real update with pictures next week.