Ashley Came for A Visit

So late Tuesday night a sickly Ashley came knocking at her door, ready to spend her spring break here in St. Louis at the old Flynn household.  Tuesday was a little rough for Ash she had a little flu bug but luckily after getting to her big sister’s house, having some ginger ale, and a little robe time she was feeling better.  Ashley spent some time with her friends in Dogtown for St. Pat’s while Mike and I worked.  We had a very successful trip to Costco and Ashley did some chores to earn what we bought for her.  I was especially happy to have my sister here on Saturday when I hurt my neck and had a hard time moving around to help me out. We both are struggling with head colds, but were able to have a very productive Sunday which ended with dinner at sushi and me putting Ride a Purple Pelican on a CD for Ashley.  It’s been a great week wish she didn’t have to leave tomorrow, but hopefully sooner than later Ashley will be living close so visits like this will be more often.  Otherwise it’s been a pretty typical week.