20 Weeks

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Weight Gain: I’m up another pound which makes for a total of 5 lbs.

****Maternity Clothes: Yes and I’m so thankful that one of my best friends is letting me borrow a bunch of her old clothes. It is so nice to have a few more pieces in the rotation and feel like I really need to buy anything right now.

Movement: I’m feeling more definite movement and I would describe it more like I’ve heard it described to me….like little bubbles bursting and sometimes I swear I can feel her doing flips. Of course I’m still not one hundred percent sure since I can’t feel it from the outside but I’m thinking and hoping soon Mike will be able to feel her too.

What I miss: Nothing really new here…..I still miss sleeping on my stomach but I bought a new pregnancy pillow which is helping me sleep more comfortably on my side.

****What’s up with my body: Holy Heartburn! It’s pretty much after anytime I eat or drink anything. Not so fun but Tums seem to continue to help so I just make sure I always have tums with me. I’m pretty sure my belly is getting bigger but it’s hard to tell since I look at it every day. I had some difficulty in yoga on Sunday I couldn’t stretch my arms up all the way not sure where that tightness is coming from but I’m going to try to do some of my yoga moves this week to hopefully work it out. I’m definitely enjoying the joys of less symptoms during the second trimester.

What’s up with the baby: Baby is getting a coating of vernix this week to help protect her skin from all the fluid she is floating in. She is also swallowing and her digestive system is starting to work. The books say she should be about 7 inches long and weigh about 11 oz. Since she was already 10 oz at the ultrasound I’m guessing she is weighing a little more than that. It seems like at this point and going forward baby will be continuing to put on weight and practice her reflexes like swallowing and breathing so that she’s ready when she comes into this world.

****Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Emotions: At the Cardinal Game Mike and I went to Saturday night they showed a video that highlighted people watching Game 6 of the World Series (it was that crazy game where the Cardinals were one out away from losing the series multiple times to then come back and win it and then ultimately win the series) so while we were watching it I definitely teared up….at the Cardinals Game.

Best part of the week: Feeling more real movement. It makes me tear up almost every time. I almost can’t believe that she’s real and when I can feel her then I know she is real, she is okay, and that is awesome! It was also really cute this week when Mike talked about wanting to get the baby a stuffed Build – A- Bear Fred Bird (the Cardinal’s Mascot) and thinking about how cute it would be for baby girl to have a little Fred Bird to cling to. I love seeing him getting excited too.

So there’s the highlights and here’s a couple of pictures for you….

18 Weeks 6 Days Ultrasound

Sorry about the horrible glare on the ultrasound picture…I took this photo with my phone at the hospital and this was the kind of crappy result. I keep meaning to redo it but of course don’t and figure this was better than nothing. You can see our little girls profile, her tummy and an arm. So much bigger and more baby like than the last one at 9 weeks.

20 Weeks

You can definitely get a better idea about the size of my bump from this picture. Try to ignore the fact that its a silly self portrait in the bathroom mirror with my iPhone. I really wanted to get a picture from my sister Erin and Mike’s out of town.