19 Weeks and It’s A……

GIRL! I’m still in shock…not because the baby’s a girl but because Mike has been right from day 1. Seriously shocking how in the heck did he know. So here’s the weekly update for all the details on the fun stuff that’s been happening this week.

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Weight Gain: I got weighed at the doctor’s office at the end of the week and according to their scale I’m up 4 lbs. Doctor didn’t mention my weight so I’m guessing it’s fine.

****Maternity Clothes: Yes I’m wearing only maternity pants but I’m still able to make most of my pre-pregnancy shirts work. Getting dressed has become a little bit of a challenge. My shirts fit kind of but with the growing belly I can’t decide if they look okay, but then if I put on a maternity shirt they are still a little bit too big and just look frumpy so not really loving that, but I’m thinking as the belly grows the maternity shirts will fit better and then I’ll be a little more comfortable.

****Movement: I’m more convinced that what I have been feeling is our little girl. It’s definitely not obvious I’m not totally sure, but I’m hoping once she gets just a bit bigger we will start being able to feel her from the outside and then I will for sure know I’m feeling her.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. I’ve been a stomach sleeper for as long as I can remember. I know not a lot of people like sleeping that way but I’m always so comfortable on my stomach. It is pretty much impossible for me to sleep on my stomach at this point. I’ve tried laying half on pillows so that there’s a gap but it really isn’t working. I feel very smashed. I’m sleeping okay switching from the left and right side. I’ll lay for a little bit on my back, but I’m really trying to limit that because pretty soon that won’t work either so I’d like to not get comfy there either. I think really the only thing to do to try and make side sleeping more comfortable is to try more pillows. Mike will love that.

****What’s up with my body: Nothing too exciting this week. Just getting bigger. I’ve had some back aches but I think the yoga is helping with the back and hip pain. I need to start doing some of my yoga moves at home during the week and not just on Sundays I think that will make an even bigger difference.

What’s up with the baby: Baby did a lot of growing this past week. At the ultrasound they measured that she weighs about 10 oz. They didn’t say how long she is but average is about 6 inches, or about the size of a large mango. Her arms and legs are in proportion with her body and the neurons connecting her brain to her muscles are connected so she can move her arms and legs as much as she wants.

****Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Emotions: Just some tears during the ultrasound but I’m pretty sure that would be anyone.

Best part of the week: Our ultrasound. It was absolutely amazing to see our baby looking like a real baby and to find out that she is a girl. So many emotions it’s hard to put it into words. It was so fun getting to watch her on the screen she was kicking her legs, moving her arms, holding her own hand and was just so active. It made it a little challenging to get all the right measurements and pictures that the technician needed but 45 minutes later we were done. I think my favorite part was when we were trying to look at her face and take measurements of her nose and mouth. It took a while to get her to turn her face and look at us and of course just as she did her hands went immediately to her face blocking her nose and mouth. Such a little sticker already. But I loved every moment of it.