17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Weight Gain: According to my scale here at home I’m up about another pound maybe two which puts me up 2 to 3 total pounds from before pregnancy. Not really that exciting but I should be gaining about a pound a week so so far I’m meeting that.

****Maternity Clothes: Still yes but I also made a move and bought some new bras this week. I had been squeezing into my pre-pregnancy bras and it was getting way too uncomfortable and frankly not very cute. I’m much happier now that I have some bigger bras and I don’t feel like my ribs are getting squeezed all day long. Hopefully they will last a while. The lady at Destination Maternity was confident that they should be good throughout the rest of the pregnancy so I guess we will just see.

****Movement: Nothing for sure. I’ve been having this feeling I can’t really describe it, but it’s low on my belly happens a couple of times a day and is usually happens in a similar spot. Now I can’t say yes this is the baby moving around, but I’m guessing that it may be with lots of question marks on that may be???? I’m very anxious to start feeling this little one and hope it happens sooner rather than later. I guess all I can do is wait and see and continue to obsess over every stretch and pull.

What I miss: Runny eggs. Oh man I would love a good runny egg right now. One thing that would help you understand this huge desire for a runny egg is knowing a little more about me and Mike. In all our years together I don’t even think I could guess how many runny eggs we have made and eaten. Weekends we make eggs, lazy dinner we make eggs, when we were in Jerusalem and couldn’t go out for another dinner we stayed home and made eggs. I’ve been craving eggs and will make an egg and cheese sandwich with a hard egg, but I miss that runny yolk. I’m sure soon enough this egg thing will pass and I will want something else but for now all I want is a runny egg.

****What’s up with my body: Nothing really new this week. I continue to be absolutely exhausted. I’ve had a couple of rough nights where I’ve been up from like 3am – 5am or 4am – 5am and I’m not sure how much that is contributing to my sleepiness during the day, but whatever it is I’m tired. On the days I nanny I really try to stay awake even when the boys are napping because they don’t sleep as long as I would want to so I end of feeling groggy and worse if I do sleep so the goal is to stay awake with them and nap for a couple hours after I get home until Mike gets home. The only problem with that is there have been a few times that he’s worked late and I ended up taking a three hour nap which is a little long. Oh well it doesn’t seem to be interfering with my nighttime sleep so I’m not worrying about it. I been feeling pretty good (or at least better) the last couple of weeks and my nausea has been much better, but it’s definitely gotten worse again the last couple of days and especially today. Not fun. I was really hoping that those days were mostly behind us but it seems as though they are not. All I can hope is that I will have more not nauseous days than nauseous days.

What’s up with the baby: Apparently this week the baby’s bones are changing from soft cartilage to bone and baby can move it’s joints. So lets get some movement going in there. Baby is about 5 ounces and about 5 12 inches long or about the size of a sweet potato. The baby’s nervous system is maturing and the brain is forming more complex connections that will eventually be the baby’s five senses. Lots of fun stuff going on!!

Gender: Still stuck on girl only about another week and a half until we hopefully will know.

Emotions: Nothing to ridiculous that I can think of, but I did get awfully teary eyed while watching Armageddon on TV (don’t judge me you know you like that movie too)

Best part of the week: Thinking that I may actually be feeling the baby. I don’t know for sure so I can’t be too excited about it, but the fact that it’s even a possibility makes me very happy.

And here’s a pic for you….it’s not the best again to see the belly but honestly it wasn’t looking or feeling very big that day. And I’m wearing a maternity shirt which is very comfortable, but not so clingy so doesn’t really show the bump. But enjoy.

17 Weeks


17 Weeks