16 Weeks and a 30th Birthday for Me

This post is a few days late but I’ve really been enjoying all the birthday fun. Erin, Ashley and I had an amazing girls weekend here in St. Louis. We ate some incredible food (thanks to Pi and Salt!) We stayed in a wonderful room at the Chase Park Plaza and really just had a great weekend. As much as I had been dreading turning 30 having such a fun weekend really made it worth it. The birthday fun continued last night when Mike took me out for a fancy birthday dinner and he really did great. We went to Sidney Street Cafe which is just up the street from our house. We decided to do the chef’s tasting menu and seriously had the best five courses I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely amazing. If you live in St. Louis or near St. Louis Sidney Street definitely needs to be on your must eat at list. It’s been a great weekend and week and I loved every moment of it.

So now on to baby stuff….

How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Weight Gain: Last time I weighed myself at home which was on Saturday I was up one pound from pre pregnancy weight. My doctor had commented at both of my last appointments that I hadn’t gained any weight yet….not really concerned just mentioned it so I’m relieved to see the scale moving in the right direction. I have a feeling it will only be going up from here until the end. Which I sometimes have to remind myself is a good thing.

Maternity Clothes: Yes definitely yes. I’ve been wearing maternity pants for about a month now. I can still fit into my old jeans using a belly band but frankly it’s just not very comfortable. If I’m just meeting someone for lunch I could do it but for all day the maternity pants are a must. I have some maternity tops that I’ve gotten on sale at Old Navy and Gap but I can still fit into my old tops (some better than others). I did splurge and get a pair of skinny jeans for full price at the Gap. I honestly just couldn’t imagine another month of wearing the same pair of jeans every day. And the new jeans are so cute and fit so well. So I think definitely worth it. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I look pregnant or if it looks like I just ate a little too much for lunch. I think if you know me and see me all the time you would definitely think baby bump but for strangers on the street they are probably still guessing.

Movement: Nope not yet but I’m really excited to start feeling this little one. The books say you can feel movement as early as 16 weeks but that it may take longer. So far anything that I’ve been feeling I’m pretty sure is just ligament pain, stretching and all that stuff, not the baby. But I’m so excited for those first movements I think it could be any time now but I’m expecting it to realistically take a few more weeks.

What I miss: I really miss a good lunchmeat sandwich. It’s fine for me to eat lunchmeat as long as I heat it up before I eat it which frankly doesn’t sound that good. I really want a ham sandwich from Jimmy John’s. I keep getting these other hot sandwiches thinking it will take care of the craving but so far nope. I am excited because Erin was talking to me about this place called FireHouse Subs where they steam the meat before making a sandwich (and in turn make it pregnancy safe) she said they are absolutely amazing. I almost fell out of my car when I saw one was coming close to where I nanny the boys. It’s not open yet but seriously I think I’ll be the first customer. Can’t wait and really hoping it will take care of my sandwich desires.

What’s up with my body: Oh so many things seem to be going on. The biggest thing I’ve noticed this week especially is I’m absolutely exhausted. Around 1 in the afternoon I cannot keep my eyes open and can fall asleep so fast and sleep hard. I’ve had lots of ligament pain and other pain that feels like stretching in my uterus. Part of me wonders if it’s the baby I’m feeling but I know it’s just ligaments and joints. So lots of sleeping and lots of stretching.

What’s up with the baby: According to baby center.com this week starts a big growth spurt for the baby (which I’m guessing may be why I’m so tired) and that he or she will double it’s weight in the next weeks. Right now baby is about the size of an avocado I’ve also heard turnip. The baby’s heart is also pumping blood through it’s little body. Pretty cool to think. Apparently the baby can sense light through it’s fused eye lids, so if we were to shine a flashlight on my belly the baby would likely move away from the light. I couldn’t feel it but it would be happening. It seems that the baby is still developing but is gaining a lot more weight too. I’m so excited for our next ultrasound so we can see how much the baby has changed since the last one at 9 weeks.

Gender: We will hopefully be finding out the gender at our next appointment but for now we are stuck on girl.

Emotions: Mike surprised me with a York Peppermint Patty after I off hand mentioned that I wanted one and I cried like a big baby. That’s right over a York Peppermint Patty. For the record they are good but definitely not that good. Pretty funny when Mike looked over at me and was like “Are you crying” and yes I was.

Best part of the week: Probably all the birthday fun. Even though it wasn’t exactly related to the baby it feels good to ring in 30 with style.

And here’s a pic for you….not the best to show off the belly but it’s of me and Erin again before our dinner at Salt. I am in a completely non-maternity outfit and just barely could make those pants work with the help of a belly band.

16 Weeks