14 Weeks and a 4 Mile Race

This past weekend we passed the 14 week mark and are officially in the second trimester, so to celebrate I ran (and walked) a 4 mile race with my sister, Erin. It was such a nice weekend. Erin came into town on Friday morning and we went to brunch here in St. Louis, then it was off to Cuba. Since Erin is pregnant too (about 6 weeks ahead of me) we thought it would be fun to announce our pregnancies together on Facebook so on Friday we took a picture, posted it online and not even a minute later did we start getting comments and “likes” on the photo. It was pretty cool. Erin came into town because we had both signed up to run the Race to the Rocker race in Cuba. It’s a 4 mile race to the world’s largest rocker. Kind of a silly concept but it was a beautiful day for a race. We had a great time racing together; Erin and I were both very happy that we finished in under an hour. We hadn’t really been able to train the way we wanted because of the pregnancies but it was a great race. So I have my first official belly pic, not sure if we will continue taking one each week but I’m sure there will be more in the future

14 Weeks

So there’s us sisters with our little baby bumps I’m 14 weeks and Erin is 20. I’m pretty excited for the next time we get together and can see how big our bumps are then.

Also just for some fun here’s some pictures from the race….

At the starting line


With John at the starting line


We Finished