Our Next Big Adventure

Well the news is finally out and I can finally type up this post……Mike and I are having a baby in September (well late September so I’m guessing it could turn into October, but you get the idea). It’s been a pretty crazy road to get here and it definitely took longer than we thought but we are beyond thrilled to be expecting a baby. So far everything has been going good…I’ve definitely had some morning/all day sickness and complete exhaustion, but in the last ¬†week or so I’ve been feeling a bit better so I’m definitely hoping that the 2nd trimester is better. Mike has been amazing and doesn’t even flinch when I grab more pillows to sleep with (I’m up to 5 right now) or when I’m starving take one bite of dinner and decide I’m full. We’ve had a handful of doctors appointments and everything is looking good. Last check was about 4 weeks ago and baby’s heartbeat was at 159. My next doctor’s visit will be this Wednesday so I am anxiously awaiting that appointment to hear our little one’s heart beating again. So far everyone is thinking that we are having a little girl. Mike and I call the baby she, her, and little girl so I will definitely be surprised if it’s a boy, but will not be disappointed either way. That’s pretty much all we know right now, I will definitely do better to keep you all updated on what’s going on with baby and with us. So now here’s some pics……

6 Weeks


9 Weeks


In the 6 week ultrasound you can see the oval shape with the dots on it is the baby and the circle above it’s yolk sac. Then you can see in the 9 week picture the baby is upside down with head at the left the little white in the middle are hands then torso and finally at the top right are little feet. During the 9 week ultrasound when we first saw the baby it waved it’s little hand at us. Pretty awesome moment!! I don’t think we will have another ultrasound until around 20 weeks but that’s only about 6 weeks away. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how much the baby has changed.