Girls Weekend in Atlanta

Last weekend Ashley and I decided to road trip to Atlanta for a weekend with Erin. To say it was amazing is an understatement. It had been quite awhile since we drove down typically we would take the short flight, so there was something fun and adventerous about us driving this time (It also allowed us to bring Erin some bottles of her favorite St. James wine). We left early Thursday morning and unfortunately it was raining most of the drive. When we hit the moutains at Chatanooga, TN I seriously thought we were going to see Hogwarts. It was so foggy and damp and just kind of crappy driving weather, but really we couldn’t have cared less we were so excited to see our sister. We got to Erin’s around dinner time and she was nice enough to have Zaxby’s chicken waiting for us. For those of you who haven’t been to the south and had Zaxby’s you definitely should and get the Zaxby’s sauce it takes your chicken finger experience to a whole new level.

Friday Erin had to work so Ashley and I met her for lunch and then we did a little shopping. Our biggest goal was to get Pete’s coffee, it’s my absolute favorite and it can’t be purchased here in St. Louis so we bought quite a stash. It was a gorgeous day so it was so fun driving around, windows down loving the perfect fall day. We picked up a couple of movies so us girls ate leftovers from lunch for dinner and snuggled on the couch for a movie night. So perfect.

Saturday was so much fun. Erin’s friend Chelsea invited us to the Marine’s Ball with her so we all got dressed up, put on our fancy make-up and our dancing shoes and went to the ball. It felt kind of like a wedding reception except all the men were in uniform (not too shabby on the eyes). The food was great and we enjoyed talking with and making friends with the Marines and their girlfriends and wifes. It was so nice to celebrate with them on their 236nd birthday.

And before we knew it it was Sunday morning and time to come home. I had the boys to watch on Monday so we didn’t want to get too late of a start, but after being out with the Marines we really didn’t want to get up too early either and with the time change for Daylight Savings and the time zone differences Ashley and I were really struggling to figure out what time we needed to leave Atlanta to get back to St. Louis at a decent hour. We finally decided we would get up a 9am Atlanta time and leave when we got everything in the car and whatever time we got to St. Louis that would just have to be fine. It ended up pretty perfect and we got home right around 6pm and Michael had just finished making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

It was such a great weekend. I love anytime I get to spend with my two sisters and we the three of us get together there’s nothing not to love.