Nanny Robin

This past week I started a new “job” it’s so much fun it’s hard to consider it a job, but I’m watching two little twin boys three days a week for 6-7 hours a day. It is absolutely a perfect job for me right now. I get to hang out with the little ones, play trains, read books, and then after lunch they lay down for naps until Mimi (their grandma) comes home and I go home. Last week was my first week with them and it went really well. I was nervous that the boys wouldn’t want to take a nap for me (their mom had said sometimes they like to fight nap time) but we did very good no nap time struggles (knock on wood this week will be more of the same). It’s been great having a reason to get up early and have two little boys smiling faces ready to play when I get there, it definitely warms my heart. I’m so excited that she needed a nanny and I’m even more excited that I get to be that person. Looking forward to Monday when I get to see the boys again.