So You Think You Can Dance 2011

Last week Erin came into town so that us girls could all go to the So You Think You Can Dance show again this year. And of course they did not disappoint. Erin came into town on Wednesday night so I graciously picked her up from the airport and we went to Cuba to stay with Mom and John for a couple of nights. Wednesday we looked at the Israel photo books that Erin made and enjoyed sharing the memories with John. Thursday Erin and I did some sneaking shopping to get Mom a birthday present and enjoyed lunch in Rolla, MO. Before we knew it, it was Saturday and it was time to go to dinner then off to the show. We enjoyed an amazing dinner at Cunetto’s House of Pasta in the hill and then off to Chaifetz Arena. The show was even better than last year. We all agreed that they must have hired some new production people because the overall show was just better, less talking and more dancing. We would have loved to get a playbill but they just don’t exist for the SYTYCD show. Which really is too bad. It’s hard to remember all the numbers that they did and I really wanted to know the music that they were using. There were some songs I would have loved to get. The show was over before we knew it and Erin had to get on an early flight back to Atlanta Sunday morning. But I absolutely love the tradition that we have started. I can’t wait until next year when we get to do it all over again.

Me and Erin before the show


Ashley, Mom, and Me - Almost show time