Less than 24 hours….

and Michael will be getting in a cab, going to Tel Aviv and getting on the plane to come home. It’s easy to say that the time has gone fast since it’s almost over and some weeks really did fly by, but others felt like they were never ending. It has definitely been an adjustment living here without him and our communication limited to text messages and iChatting once a day with a crappy internet connection. It will be a great change of pace to be able to call him on the phone and for him to be here in the evenings. It sucks when your buddy isn’t home so I’m beyond happy that he’ll be back so soon.

We’ve got lots of exciting plans this first weekend that he’s back. Saturday night the Foo Fighters are performing in St. Louis and we are so excited to go see them. They are a band that both Michael and I have loved for a very long time. I haven’t ever seen them perform live so I’m pretty excited that our first date will be such a fun one. Then on Sunday Michael will be watching football and eating some fun treats that he couldn’t get in Jerusalem. Oh and drinking root beer (you couldn’t get that in Jerusalem either). I’m looking forward to the weekend and just having him home….even if I do have to give up the good TV to football. Totally worth it.