Rough Days….

Some days are just crappy, and when you get to come home to your best friend and partner the crappy days seem to disappear when you are laughing with each other, cooking dinner, or watching your favorite shows together. It is not as easy to get the crappyness off of you when talking to your best friend and partner over iChat, for 20 minutes on a crappy internet connection.

It’s just been a couple of those days….Michael is still out of town for another week and while I know that’s not that many more days, it feels very far away. I miss him, I miss our St. Louis life together, I miss the silliness at our house that only he can bring to it, I miss the way when I’m sad he can instantly make me feel better, I miss my husband.

I know we will look back at this time and in the future it will not seem as bad, but right now when we are in the middle of it I just want him home.