Sisters Weekend

Last Friday night my older sister, Erin, took that crazy long flight from Atlanta to spend the weekend with Ashley and me here in St. Louis. We had a blast! Always love a good girls weekend. She got into town later on Friday so we stayed close to my house and had a slumber party complete with one sister sleeping on the floor on a huge pile of blankets and pillows. Saturday we got up earlier so that we could get to the Apple Store so Erin could get her iPad before the store got too busy. We had a lovely breakfast and coffee at home and then it was off the malls to do some shopping. It’s always fun to talk with old friends at Apple so we enjoyed seeing co workers there and Erin is of course so excited to be getting her iPad. After Apple we had to go to the Gap, they were having 50% off everything and it was actually 50% off everything. Most of the time when I hear that I assume there are ususally so many resitrictions that it’s not even worth it, but this was truly a sale. So we had a lot of fun shopping and getting some great deals. Saturday night we went out in Ashley’s neighborhood, Soulard, and met up with some friends and even one of Erin’s college girlfriends was able to meet us out. We had a blast. It was a much needed visit from Erin and I could not have had a better weekend.