Coming Home!

Today is the day!! We are headed to Tel Aviv later tonight and getting on a plane and coming home. I almost can’t believe it. It’s kind of weird I’m getting a little teary eyed just typing that.

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I’m not sure if it’s from happiness to be home or a little sadness to be leaving.

For our last night in Jerusalem together Michael and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Zuni together. They have this delicious beef filet with mushroom cream sauce. But just like in true Jerusalem fashion the security guard at the restaurant had to give us attitude because the door didn’t shut behind us. Not sure why the security guard couldn’t just get up off of his stool and close the door, but he decided it was better to hassle us about it. Super irritating. It’s stuff like that Jerusalem that I will not miss. Once we got our food Zuni once again did not disappoint, I will definitely miss that restaurant it’s pretty spectacular. After dinner we walked up to Ben Yehuda street to get gelato at Max Brenner, it was the perfect ending to our Jerusalem evening. I will definitely miss the Jerusalem nights. I loved walking up to the downtown area for dinner, the perfect weather with just a little breeze, and getting to eat outside on the streets.

Today I’m doing some last minute cleaning and final packing before I jump into a cab and meet Michael at his office. From there we will get in a cab and head to Tel Aviv together, then after just a couple of airplanes we will be back in St. Louis. So exciting!! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing family, friends, and our little kitten Abby. It really feels like just a little bit ago that we were headed to the airport that first time getting ready to start this crazy adventure. And suddenly the summer is over. I wish Michael was done with his trips to Jerusalem but sadly this will not be the last. I’m sure just as the past few months have flown by the next few will too and he will be able to settle back in at home for good. But for now I just feel fortunate that I live in a time with Skype, FaceTime, and Google Talk so even those physical we will be far apart, hopefully it won’t feel that way.