Dinner Party in Tel Aviv

Last night Michael and I were invited to one of his answers.com co-workers house for dinner. They live just outside of Tel Aviv so it was about an hour or so away. We actually did really good getting there with help from Google Maps on the iPhone. We just got a little confused as to which building they were in. The address we had said building 86 but the only apartment buildings we found were 8 or 6. So we started with building 6, but every sign and name on the mailboxes was in Hebrew not that helpful. Michael didn’t have Collin’s (his co-worker) phone number so we just kept exploring. We decided to check out building 8 and luckily when looking at the mailboxes there was Walters in beautiful English so we knew we made it.

Collin and his wife also invited two of their friends and then Michael’s co-worker Bryan also joined us. It was once again a beautiful evening and the weather was perfect for sitting outside on their balcony. We had some very interesting converstion and heard about what it was like living in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War. They explained how they had to seal off a room in their apartment and everyone had to bring gas masks with them everywhere in case of an attack. It was really interesting to hear how it just became normal life around 8pm at night (no attacks ever happened during the day) the sirens would go off, everyone would put on their gas masks, and head into the sealed room. Once the all clear would be given they would just go back to normal life. I had no idea that Tel Aviv was hit so much by Iraqi missiles. It was pretty amazing to hear how life was at ┬áthat time. We talked about St. Louis weather, kosher eating, and seeing different parts of the world.

Collin’s wife made dinner for all of us and it was absolutely delicious. We started by having gazpacho. Which I had never had before but would definitely get again, it was kind of like eating salsa with a spoon, but I loved it. We also had different rice and couscous salads, chicken, braised beef, and beets. I have learned during this trip that I actually like beets. I’ve been so scared to try them I think I was scarred in childhood but I like beets. They’ve got a very different taste and not something I would want everyday but man they are good. Finally we have fruit and cake for dessert. They had watermelon and fresh figs. I never knew that fresh figs even existed. I thought you had to eat figs dried or in a fig newton. And I was never a very big fan of figs, but fresh figs are spectacular. They are so sweet and delicious. I will definitely be searching for figs in the US. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to find them.

We had such a wonderful night with great food and great company. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. We had a great time, even if we got a little lost in Jerusalem on the way home. Thanks to Collin and his wife for being such amazing hosts and having us over.