Fun with Visitors

So this past week we have had my mother-in-law, Colleen, here staying with us. It has been such a blessing to have family visiting. When my mom and sister were leaving Colleen was getting here, it’s been great. Michael thankfully took a few days off work to be able to hang out more with his mom. I’m just thankful he took some time away from work (he works a ton here). We took another trip to Masada and the Dead Sea with Colleen and a couple other Announce Media friends that are here for a month. This Dead Sea beach actually had some mud we put on which was really amazing! It does some incredible things for the skin. The beach was so hot you could not have bare feet and the water was actually kind of warm, not exactly a cool refreshing swim but as always the Dead Sea is amazing.

Michael took his mom around the Old City on Sunday and walked around, then today they did the Holy City tour which I have been on a couple of times. They got to do the tour with our favorite tour guide Gil. They both agreed that even though it was incredibly hot they enjoyed seeing more of the Old City and getting the history of it from Gil. Colleen and I have taken a couple of shopping trips downtown and enjoyed some smoothies and fun people watching. I also bought a couple of very fun pairs of high heels. One for me and one for my little sister Ashley. They are truly fantastic!! My friends know that I definitely am one for some pretty high heels and these do not disappoint. I’m pretty excited to wear them. And I’m even more excited to give Ashley her pair.

We’ve enjoyed some lovely dinners while Colleen has been here. It’s kind of fun getting to take our family to the places that we love and have been eating at all summer. Tonight a big group of us sat outside at Dolphin and enjoyed the weather, the scenery, and the food. I will definitely miss these Jerusalem nights. Colleen is staying until Monday so we’ve got a few more days and then I think the real count down to come home will start. It has been an amazing ride but I’m ready to get off of it. We are both so excited to get home and have our St. Louis lives again.