Tasting Menu

A couple of nights ago Michael and I went out to dinner with a number of other Announce Media folks. We went back to Chakra since it was so tasty before some of the other guys wanted to try it too. We had seen the tasting menu on the menu the last time we were there and talked about how fun it would be to one night. As it turns out Sunday night was the night for tasting. It was incredibly fun and delicious. I felt like I was on Top Chef. Basically they just brought different food for us for about 2 12 hours I think. We started out with crusty bread and dips, tahini with zucchini and meat then moved to some vegetables we had salted zucchini and beets; we had beef carpaccio, and ceviche with fish. We then got some hot dishes fish kebab, seafood risotto and steak filets. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime and I truly thought that I couldn’t eat anymore they brought dessert. We had chocolate mousse, sorbet, chocolate tart, and finally my favorite vanilla ice cream with tahini and pine nuts. It was a beautiful night the weather was perfect and Chakra has a lovely view. It definitely wasn’t a typical 4th of July picnic but it was quite the night.