Busy couple of days

It’s been a busy week here in Jerusalem. One of the other Announce Media guys had his girlfriend in town so I spent the week showing her some of the sites in Jerusalem. We went to lunch and shopped downtown on Ben Yehuda, we explored the Tower of David Museum (a second time for me there, but it’s beautiful so I really don’t mind), and finally we went the Jerusalem zoo. I was not terribly impressed by the zoo. I think I’ve gotten pretty spoiled by our free St. Louis zoo.

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Here in Jerusalem the zoo is okay, it’s pretty small and there just aren’t a ton of exhibits. It was nice to see something different though. They did have a cool display of glass animal sculptures. My pictures are still stuck on the camera but I hope to have some photos of that up here soon. Michael has been working very long hours and I think we are both very excited about the weekend. There’s talk that we may go to the Tel Aviv beach, but who knows it may just be another lazy weekend at home.